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An Apology for the “Self” Concept in Autonomous Robot Ontologies Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 April 2013
Ricardo Sanz, Julita Bermejo-Alonso, Claudio Rossi, Miguel Hernando, Koro Irusta and Esther Aguado
Presented at ROBOT 2019 Fourth Iberian Robotics Conference

The IEEE has working groups developing standards in many domains. One of these is the elaboration of an standard ontology for autonomous robots. An ontology is a specification of a conceptualization and is useful for having a common conceptual ground when interchanging data about systems. We are working of this standard based on our experience on autonomous systems construction.

This paper focuses on the core idea that underlies all mechanisms for system self-awareness: “Self”. Robot self awareness is a hot topic not only from a bioinspiration perspective but also from a more pro- found reflection-based strategy for increased autonomy and resilience. In this paper we address the uses and genealogy of the concept of “self”, its value in the implementation of robots and the role it may play in autonomous robotic systems’ architectures. We hence propose the inclusion of the “Self” concept in the future IEEE AuR standard ontology.

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